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2012 NAILE Show Results
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GHR Hanateco Experto TE 50
was declared Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the EXPOREU International in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, on December 8, 2011.
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Sire: BAR 5 P SA Expert 826M Dam: Enyi De La Cholita 249 T.E.

Owned by HANATECO/ Gunther Reitzel, one of our newest FSFF Members!!!

2011 FSFF Pinnacle International Fullblood Simmental Show Champions
Taking part in the largest livestock exposition in the world, as the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) is billed, is a unique and awesome experience. For the fourth consecutive year Fullblood Simmentals have had a strong presence at that most prestigious of venues. Currently the only show in North America dedicated solely to Fullblood Simmentals, the 2011 “Pinnacle” International Fullblood Simmental Show was a stellar success once again. We extend our thanks to the NAILE for working with us and helping us to nurture this event through these formative years.

Each year, we have seen the quality of the show offering improve dramatically. This year we reached the threshold we had set in the beginning by having 60 head proudly on display. Shown by breeders from all over Canada and the US, and with the addition of several junior Simmental members this year, the total number of exhibitors also exceeds our initial expectations. Our sincere thanks go out to each and every participant for their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment. The success we have achieved is due to your efforts!

Now that the “Pinnacle” is a fully sanctioned and sponsored event by the Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (FSFF), our potential to grow this event is only limited by our imagination and willingness to work really hard to keep making this event bigger and better. The most recent fund raiser at the Bar 5 Sale this past spring was absolutely incredible. What an amazing group of people we have that believe in the merits and future of our fine breed and each year so generously contribute to our fund raising efforts. The FSFF Board and committee members should be very proud of their accomplishments this past year. And, exciting plans are now being made that will serve the Federation very favorably well into the future! It is so exciting to watch the FSFF Board step up to the challenges we face and their unselfish willingness to do so. Thank you!!

Larry H. Maxey
Maxey Valley Farms Morning View,
Kentucky Pinnacle International Fullblood Simmental Show Superintendent

The future of any show, sale, and essentially a breed is in the hands of the next generation of livestock enthusiasts. Through the valiant efforts of many to make the NAILE Pinnacle Fullblood Simmental Show a success, many more opportunities have opened up in the Simmental breed.

2011 marked the first separate division for Fullblood Simmental cattle at the AJSA Classic. The interest in this event is already igniting a fire for Fullblood Fleckvieh breeders in North America. 2011 marked the second inclusion of Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmentals in the North American Select Sale. Parke Livestock has graciously invited the members of the FSFF and breeders to participate in this elite sale. A nice group of prospective open females were selected by various buyers from both the US and Canada. We thank you for your support in this event and look forward to making the NAILE show and sale an event of the year. Even if you aren’t currently a Fullblood breeder, please feel welcome to visit our stalls for some hospitality and conversation in 2012.

I encourage AJSA members to carefully look into the possibilities Fullbood Fleckvieh Simmental cattle can have in your showing career. Opportunities are endless. Thanks again for a great 2011 and broadening our horizons in 2012.

Brian Valentine
Professional Livestock Grenfell, SK Canada
FSFF Sales & Shows Committee Chairman

Grand Champion CowCalf Pair

CEN Miss Perfect 512P and Jan. 16, 2011 FGAF Coronita 817Y
by Champs Trilogy
Ferme Gagnon Farm
Cheneville, Quebec Canada
Reserve Grand Champion CowCalf Pair
Freedoms Liberty Bell
and Freedoms Independence
(sire- BAR 5 PSA Evolution)
Freedom Run Farm
Manchester, Michigan

Grand Champion Bull
Bar 5 PSA Essence 803X
BAR 5 Stock Farms
Markdale, Ontario Canada
Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Bar 5 SA Mario 801X
BAR 5 Stock Farms
Markdale, Ontario Canada

Grand Champion Heifer

Alliance Polled Mocha
Alliance Simmental Farms
North Gower, Ontario Canada
Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
MVF P SA Exazalea 20UX
Maxey Valley Farms
Morning View, Kentucky

Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder
BAR 5 Stock Farms
Markdale, Ontario Canada


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Historians of a Forgotten Breed Proudly Display Work at NAILE; First in United States By Jamie May

Grand Champion Bull MF Polled Power (sired by Double Bar D Make M Polled) Owned by Dr. Billy S. and Trudy Moore, Huntsville , Alabama

Grand Champion Female Diamond T 273U Mona Lisa ( sired by BHR Baron SA 2842P) Owned by Professional Livestock, Mt. Pleasant , Texas

Breeders Herd Group Roy and Faye Phillips, Phillips Farm, Adairsville, Georgia

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The North American International Livestock Exposition houses dozens of cattle breeds during the prestigious purebred exposition. Shorthorn, Red Polled, Angus, Hereford, Maine Anjou, Piedmontese, Belted Galloway, Lowlines, Chianina…the list seems endless.

In 2009, another breed was added to the list - Fullblood Simmentals. The Pinnacle, this year’s Fullblood show, will be a first for the North American International Livestock Exposition. In fact, this show marks the inaugural Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmental show in the United States.

Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmental breeders consider themselves historians of the Simmental breed. They are preserving the integrity and characteristics of the original Simmental cattle. Without these breeders, the uniqueness of the original Simmental breed would be lost.

The original Simmental trace back to Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa, and are still dominate breeds in many European countries. Fullbloods are known for their docility, maternal instincts and lean beef. New research also shows they have similar carcass data to Angus cattle. Larry Maxey, superintendent of The Pinnacle and also a Fullblood breeder, recognizes there is a place for all breeds in our industry. However, he is confident that Fullblood Simmentals will be needed in the future because of the extensive crossbred programs in the livestock industry.

“Research shows that the optimum beef animal is a result of three extreme hybrids. Cattle have done that, but now their genetics are so similar that they will eventually move backwards. They will need our distinct genetics to get them back on the right track,” says Maxey.

Fullblood Fleckvieh producers are excited about this public venue in Louisville. They hope the NAILE will help make other producers more aware of their breed, as well as an opportunity to promote their advantages.

Maxey knows this will be a groundbreaking event. “There are Fullblood Fleckviehs all over the country, we have just never had the opportunity to have this public forum,” he explains. Next year the Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (FSFF) hopes to include a sale.

Maxey hopes that this is just one rung on the ladder. “The mold has been cast and now other regions can go to their officials. It can be done and it will be done. Right now it is ours to lose, from this day on the show at the NAILE will only get better.”

Fullblood cattle are vastly different from their commonly-known purebred Simmental counterparts. Fullblood Fleckvieh have 100% Simmental genetics and have never been crossbred. Most Simmentals in the show ring have been influenced by other breeds, commonly Angus or Maine Anjou, to get the black hide and feminine look needed for the show ring.

Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmentals have the same phenotype as the original Simmental cattle did in Europe. They are considered a dual-purpose breed, meaning they will excel in both milk and meat production. However, Fullbloods in the United States are bred mainly for meat characteristics. They are commonly red-colored with white faces and white socks, and are not allowed to be black.

Purebred Simmentals, which is what Simmentals shown today are referred to, are hybrid versions of the original Simmental breed. When Simmentals were first introduced into North America, they were crossbred with other breeds in order to create a more optimum beef animal. This hybrid vigor resulted in a black-hided Simmental calf that is much cleaner-fronted and smoother patterned.

A few Fullblood cattle did exhibit at the NAILE in 2008, but they were required to compete with the purebred Simmental cattle. Breeders felt it was an unfair comparison for these important historians. 2009 was an opportunity to make their mark on the livestock industry.

Competing at the inaugural show were 52 head from 16 breeders from across the United States, including one from Ontario. The Fullblood Simmentals were evaluated by Jim Williams, V8 Ranch, Boling, Texas.


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